A Real-World Perspective about Today's Practice and the Future of 100+ year Service Life Requirements

  • 16 May 2018
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Lakewood Country Club


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A Real-World Perspective about Today's Practice and the Future of 100+ year Service Life Requirements

Speaker: Oscar R. Antommattei, MS, PE, FACI
Senior Concrete Engineer- Kiewit Engineering Group

About the Topic

Even when many concrete structures have lasted for over 100 years all around the world, it has not been until recent years that the design and construction industry in North America have been moving to require designing and constructing reinforced concrete structures to last over 100 years.  The basic fundamentals behind the practices to achieve long term durability in reinforced concrete structures continue to be the same; however, the knowledge about the effects to different exposure conditions and degradation mechanisms as well as advances in materials, construction techniques, computer modeling tools and maintenance practices continue to change with time. The reality of today's knowledge and practice about 100+ year service life requirements has been limited from benefits related to having a comprehensive multidisciplinary and integrated approach where different relevant parties of the industry can provide direct input in the process of developing appropriate alternatives for design, construction, repair and maintenance of these durable structures. This presentation provides the perspective from the design-builder practitioner on lessons learned, challenges and opportunities including examples from several recent large infrastructure projects in North America where 100+ year service life requirements were specified and implemented.

About the Speaker

Oscar Antommattei, MS, PE, FACI is a Senior Concrete Engineer and Engineering Manager with Kiewit Corporation. In Kiewit, Oscar manages the Materials Group of Kiewit Engineering Group where he leads concrete technical support to projects. He has over 17 year of experience in the industry with focus on concrete materials and construction. Oscar serves in several technical committees in ACI, ASTM, CSA and ASCC. He is currently the Chair of ACI 305 committee on Hot Weather, Secretary of ACI 308 Guide subcommittee on Curing, and is the Lead for the newly created ACI 201 Task Group for the development of Specifications for Durable Concrete in Construction.

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