Curing Water Temperatures - What You Should Know

  • 05 Apr 2017
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Lakewood Country Club
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Curing Water Temperatures - What You Should Know

Presented by

Ron Kozikowski, PE

In the summer months, concrete placement temperatures can reach upwards of 90F.  As concrete is finished and begins to hydrate, slab temperatures can rise to well over 100F by the time curing water is applied.  According to ACI specification (301-16) and curing (308-16) documents, the temperature of curing water must be within 20F of the concrete temperature.  In order to meet ACI requirements, contractors should be heating tap water to 80F or more at the time of application.  This raises several questions which will addressed in our presentation:

  • Are contractors heating curing water?
  • Do they need to?
  • Where does the 20F differential requirement come from?
  • Is this ACI requirement reasonable?
  • How large of a temperature differential can concrete support at early ages?

This presentation will focus on findings from a literature review and full-scale field study designed to answer these questions.  Both the literature review and field study confirm that requiring a 20F temperature differential is not practical or cost effective.

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